SMM Maturity Index

Prompts based on total average maturity level after self-assessment


The model is designed to assess an organization’s “maturity” on the following scale:


Level 1Unmanaged – Meetings Management support processes are either non-existent or happening in an ad-hoc fashion.


Level 2Developing – The need for Meetings Management support processes are recognized, and the critical program elements have been identified.  Design of these processes may be starting.


Level 3Emergent – Meetings Management processes to support critical program elements are in place and are centralized.


Level 4Operative – The Meetings Management program is working and delivering value; compliance is beginning to gain traction.


Level 5Excelling – Meetings Management program is widely adopted, and is  supporting and delivering on overarching business objectives.


Level 6 – Mastering – The Meetings Management program is delivering value across the enterprise, platform is scaleable and is supported by ongoing efforts for continuous improvement.


If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact GBTA Research at for assistance.

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